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Christmas Flash Sale - Wavegrove Plug-Ins at -60% with code XMASWGR60


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Hi! So I got your email blast about the 60% off sale on your plugin line, went onto the website, and was totally blown away but that U saw, I was so excited to place the order, but I was having problems with the website allowing me to order all the products and apply the XMASWGR60 code that you so generously sent me. Is there any way to get that discount retroactively? Pretty please with Christmas sugar cookies on top? Have a lovely weekend, dB

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For sure! I issued partial refunds for all your purchases. Hope you enjoy the plugins dB! - Jussi

Last chance to git gud with Islander for 39€/buckaroos!

I'd like to tell you how Islander was created, just the story itself

🌟Wavegrove's Black Friday - HCL Islander 39€ - Analog emulated compressor

HCL Islander -60% 🔊 Unleash sonic mastery! WAVEGROVE Black Friday 🎶

Last day to get Wavegrove HCL Islander for 79€

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